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Lori Spee

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Songs from the music theater production The First Lady
which was written by Lori Spee and Herman van VeenHarlekijn Records
Songs from the music theater production The First Lady
which was written by Lori Spee and Herman van Veen

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On that Friday afternoon in November my first class after lunch hour, as always, was Government & Civics. We had just taken our seats when suddenly the radio starting blaring over the intercom. We, of course, began to laugh. Obviously someone in the office had goofed. We then realized it was a newscast with a familiar voice saying something about the president… being shot.

The laughing abruptly stopped. After a few more rather chaotic moments we heard, ” … just been confirmed. President Kennedy is dead.” No one moved or spoke, as if we could negate this uncanny message simply by not reacting to it. Even though classes continued the rest of the afternoon everyone, in shock, just sort of went through the motions. There was none of the usual noise in the classrooms and in the halls between classes the only sound was of shuffling footsteps and muffled sobbing. It seemed to be a bad dream.

I managed to hold back my tears until my mother picked me up after school at 3:30. The moment I got into the car I began to cry and I don’t think I stopped all weekend.

Air Force One’s return from Dallas. Her blood-stained suit. His lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda. The endless procession of mourners. Lee Harvey Oswald shot. Caroline. John, Jr. and his heart-rending salute. Her black veil. The funeral cortège. The caisson bearing the flag-draped coffin. The riderless horse. The eternal flame. Our hero, our President Kennedy was dead. The world had gone crazy and it was all televised, live, in black and white.

Reading extensively about Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, as I did for The First Lady, reflecting upon the impact she had on the world and becoming more and more inspired to write songs about her was touching and gratifying. Not only because of her richly complex personality and incredibly fascinating life, but simply because in my heart she always remained that strong yet fragile figure draped in black, who quite literally held us together as a nation when we so easily could have fallen apart during that horrible, heartbreaking November weekend in 1963. Her strength, courage and dignity during those darkest of days will always remain in my mind. But who was that woman behind the myth and the mask? I found a world of loyalty, betrayal, covenants and survival. I found a world of illusions.

Lori Spee


01    Summers at Lasata
02    Madame Bouvier
03    Queen of the Circus
04    One Gracie Square
05    Uncle Hughdie
06    Only Time Will Tell
07    Jack
08    Letter from Mexico
09    The Kennedy Clan
10    Arrabella
11    A Child of Our Own
12    On Top of the World
13    Twistin’ in the White House
14    Night in November
15    Gods and Ghosts
16    Song for Bobby
17    Ithaca
18    Follow Your Heart

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